York Town Craft Guild
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About York Town Craft Guild
With members located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, and
California, the York Town Craft Guild is one of the most notable in the state due to its distinguished workshops and programs.  

We are artisans with varying degrees of skill and talent, including hobbyists, professional artisons and patrons of the arts.  Our membership consists of men and women of all ages who want to nurture creativity and preserve heritage crafts for future generations.  A wide variety of handcraft ranging from traditional to contemporary are enjoyed by our members.

Programs are held to bring artisans and the community together to exchange thoughts and ideas.  Guest speakers provide continuing educational experiences in their area of expertise.  Most activities are held at our locations, however, bus trips and studio tours are offered or meeting dates and times are changed so it is best to confirm the date, location and time.  Free parking is available on the vacant lot next to our building.   Most programs are without cost, although workshops have a fee.
      Lafayette by Lorann Jacobs

In October 2011  A plaque  was presented to Attorney Jeffrey Rehmeyer II of CGA Law Firm for his service to York Town Craft Guild.  Attorney Rehmeyer provided services to the non-profit organization over a two year period to acquire the deed for the organization’s facility at 639 N. Franklin Street, York. Billet is a trustee of the Friendship Fire Company which owned the building before the fire company was dissolved and combined with Springettsbury Township. Lenkner is current President of the York Town Craft Guild which is a chapter of the PA Guild of Craftsmen, which was holding the deed. Oldenburg, Bast, and Lenkner met with the full state guild board in Lancaster taking a letter from Billet to discuss that the Friendship Fire Company had intended the facility be for the use of the York chapter, but was deeded to the state guild at the time (30 years ago) as the local chapter did not have the necessary 501 c (3) IRS non-profit status. Under PA law, on dissolution of a non-profit, property must be given only to an organization with non-profit status. Oldenburg and Bast each have been members of both the local chapter and state guild organization for almost 20 years.
Billet had previously attended a meeting in York with the Executive Director, Sherry Boyer and Board president Brian Cunfer of the PA Guild of Craftsmen. Also attending that meeting with Lenkner and Billet were local chapter members Frank Shaffer, vice-president, Donna Leiphart, secretary, Marge Dexheimer, Mary Diehl, and Rachael Tracey. Lenkner feels the goal would not have been accomplished without the excellent verbal and written comments of Billet on behalf of the former Friendship Fire Company as well as efforts of local chapter members.

“York Town Craft Guild, comprised of approximately 100 members, is very appreciative of the counsel, patience and legal services provided by Attorney Rehmeyer over the two year period,” according to Lenkner, chapter president. With his counsel, the local group succeeded in convincing the PA Guild of Craftsmen board to relinquish the deed. “It could not have been done without the pro bono services of Mr. Rehmeyer and CGA law firm,” stated Lenkner, “we barely had enough funds to cover legal and transfer fees connected with the deed transmittal.”
L-R: Joanne Bast, Bonnie Lenkner, Attorney Jeff Rehmeyer, Gloria Oldenburg, Ray Billet
“York Town Craft Guild has used the Franklin Street facility since the dissolution of the Friendship Fire Company 30 years ago, but our members were always in a quandary about how much money to put into a building that was not owned by the chapter,” Lenkner said. 
York Town Craft Guild has been in York County for 63 years (formerly renting space on Philadelphia Street) with the mission of promoting, encouraging, and developing one of Pennsylvania’s finest resources…quality heritage and contemporary handcraft. To achieve these goals, the York Town Craft Guild sponsors workshops and other educational activities as well as an annual Christmas sales gallery for its artisans to create a greater awareness and appreciation for local handcraft.

David Kline loom from Family Heirloom Weavers
                     World War II Memorial by Lorann Jacobs