Beginner Encaustic Painting (August Half session)


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Instructor: JoAnne Bott Anderson

Thousands of years ago Greek artists used heat to melt beeswax and resin together to create works of art that survive to this day. They developed techniques to coat solid surfaces with the pigmented mixture by fusing layers of the medium together, building them into stable archival paintings or sculptures that can last for centuries without fading or losing radiance.
Come join us for lessons in this ancient art form. In this workshop you will learn the basic elements of using encaustic medium – from making the medium and paint to layering, texturing, gouging & filling, collage incorporation, and fusing.
Complete up to four 12″X12″ original pieces.  No previous experience is required.  So, bring your imagination and create your masterpieces using the deliciously honey-scented wax.

$15 Materials fee paid with registration

August 15th & August 29th
9:00am – 12:00pm


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